about filmbreeding

we don't produce films, we breed them!
Because we are a nest where you can place your product, your brand or your company in form of a message and watch it grow until it flies by its own.
We create and produce audiovisual content that is unique and original for online and tv/cinema. In our highly creative breeding ground, we are constantly working on making every single film a  memorable and highly emotional experience. Because your message deserves to be remembered - it's as simple as that!
As a full service agency, we will guide your message from initial creation and ideation all the way to its successful distribution. Our greatest effort goes into assuring that every film has a prosperous life after production. That's why we don't like to call ourselves "producers" - we are breeders!


Depending on size and complexity of a project, our team can grow and shrink considerably. Our nest is nevertheless permanently watched over by our two key players.


A skilled tailor never goes unnoticed by good producers and that's why Annie made her first steps in filmmaking as a stylist. After participating in feature movies she then extended her responsibilty on commercial shoots and became the owner and main producer of filmbreeding.


Maybe filmmaking runs in his veins, maybe he just worked very hard for it or maybe it was simply pure luck. In any case, the swiss-spanish double citizen benefited from all of the above. A filmproduction heritage in his family, UCLA Filmschool and a broad experience in TV and commercials all around the globe lead him to direct projects like "The Voice of Switzerland" or "Die gelbe Klasse" with Massimo Rocchi. His creativity has been internationally recognized and lead to the cooperation with filmbreeding.









2 x Shortlist Nomination for "Die gelbe Klasse" & "Der Glasfresser"

Mercury Awards

Gold Winner for "Titoni - the elements"


Corporate Media - distinction of masters

Award of Master and Award for best direction for "Die gelbe Klasse - eine Reise durch die Schweiz"

Wiener Wirtschaftsfilmtage

Gold Award for "Die gelbe Klasse - eine Reise durch die Schweiz"

New York Filmfestivals

Bronze Award for "AGVS"


Bronze Award for "Home Sweet Hotel"

good to know

The power of the idea
At filmbreeding, we constantly work on breeding the best idea and the most suitable concept to elaborate the script that will transport your message.
Because we think that every good film has a good script.
Our special attention goes towards the creativity and the design of the script and we only turn on the cameras when the script has fully matured. Even though a scipt usually ends up on a shelf collecting dust, we firmly believe that this will play in your favor.
Film behaves similar to poetry: It is not the aesthetics of the word that makes good poetry but the power of the idea!


and let's create a new breed of films together!
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